Renewable Power


For Indonesia, renewable energy is key pillar of the country’s long term sustainable and import-independent energy development. The nation has mountainous terrain and wealth of big rivers that is potential for hydropower resources to supply the growing demand for clean electricity generation. Ariobimo is actively pursuing hydroelectric projects across Indonesia.

The Group is partnering with Powerchina (, a world leader in Hydropower, on our first scheduled project- a 200MW hydropower plant in South Sulawesi.

In addition to the renewable power classification, given the abundant resources of municipal waste to energy plant, sun energy that provides solar photovoltaic plant and run-of-the-river hydroelectric and/or mini hydroelectric plants, is a strategic program for Ariobimo. We are aiming to develop projects in large cities and small regencies across the nation. The growth of electricity demand in large cities and small regencies has out paced the supply of electricity in the last decade.

Ariobimo Group is committed to clean energy for the long term.